Elizabeth Michael – Athlete since July 27, 2017

CrossFit saved my life. At close to 200 pounds, the heaviest I had ever been, I was plagued with depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, acid reflux, allergies and chronic headaches. Exercise and eating healthy was a long lost memory of a younger, fitter me. One who was healthy, happy, and vibrant. The polar opposite of what I was becoming. After losing a close friend to cancer, I continued to spiral into a deep dark place, and began to wonder how someone could live for seventy to one hundred years when I was this crappy in my early thirties.
I started working with an amazing nurse who was a CrossFit athlete, and my interest was piqued. We spoke about trialing a week often, but I couldn’t commit. One night she text my phone and said, “Elizabeth I want to see you at 0500 tomorrow morning in the gym. I will be there and help you.” I was so nervous, but a switch flipped and I just decided to go. Walking in, feeling so embarrassed of the person I had become, I met the coach and attempted to jump rope. After minimal exertion I was exhausted, red faced and mortified at the jiggling happening. I came back the next day. The coach stayed next to me through the workout, one of the hardest things I had done. Well it just pissed me off I was at this place of poor health and I decided from that moment I was committing to CrossFit and becoming a healthier Elizabeth. I went every morning that week, and signed up to for a two year plan. 
The overwhelming support from the other athletes who didn’t know me was amazing. “Good job,” “Keep it up,” “Push it Elizabeth,” followed by high fives and knuckles after finishing a workout kept me going when my mind told me to stop. I have been able to stop almost every medication I couldn’t imagine living without. I have never felt better or had more energy. My body feels amazing, like it is reversing aging and I’ve lost almost 50 pounds. I feel strong, confident and happy! After gaining control of my health, diet, and stress management, my kids became my WHY. Modeling for them a healthy lifestyle with good food choices and regular exercise is a priority. We have an amazing gift, this body and this life. 
CrossFit may not be for everyone. It’s hard work physically, mentally and sometimes emotionally. It challenges us to push our minds and bodies to new places and find growth and strength. It provides a community and team who encourage and push each other. It feels like home to me, but it didn’t at first. If you have considered CrossFit yourself, but fear, uncertainty, and anxiety have held you back, I totally get it. I want to see you in the gym at 0500 tomorrow morning, and I will help you.  Elizabeth